Clive Blake

Ex-Machine Registrar for the Trident and Rocket Three Owners Club.


"Over the years Clive Scarfe has made numerous items for my Triumph Trident T150V and T160 in Stainless Steel, and of late he has made me a rear luggage rack for each of my Trident’s and starter motor covers to fit the Dave Madigan starter motor assemblies I have fitted to each bike, to say I was very pleased with his products would be an understatement, the fit, quality and design of anything I have ever purchased from Clive has been superb which is a rare occurrence in the classic bike world today, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Clive’s products to any Triumph/BSA Triple owner, Clive Scarfe is one of the true artisans of his trade."



Tom Wrigglesworth


"Just received my stainless steel shrouds from Clive Scarfe Systems. Got round to fitting them and I can honestly say the quality is second to none.


They fit perfectly and don't have the manufacture marks which the chrome shrouds have. I would recommend them to anyone!"




Malcolm Hearn


"Received my Piston Clamps yesterday and to say I am delighted is an understatement. The finish and workmanship is outstanding.


I have tried to buy a set of these clamps for so many years without success. I think all my Christmases have come at once.


Thank you so much for your amazing service and for despatching the parcel before the cheque would have cleared, I appreciate your trust."





Rodger Bellamy


"I fitted the 1 in 5 limited edition exhaust you supplied for my T160, along with a pair of peashooter silencers. I must say the fit of the pipes is great (as I was expecting after seeing the quality of the workmanship) and look great on the bike.


I would not hesitate to buy or recommend any of your products."




Richard Darby

3D Motorcycles.


"I recently purchased one of your stainless steel 3-1 exhaust systems on behalf of a French friend, Philippe. I delivered it to him whilst in France recently and he asked if I could fit it for him. We unwrapped it and were both very pleased with the look and craftsmanship of all of the components.


I removed his old system, had a little clean around the motor, etc... prior to fitting the exhaust. I loosely fitted the silencer with its bracket, then slipped the collector over the pipe. The three down pipes came next, first the right hand one - it just slipped over the cylinder head stub pipe and pushed into the collector with only the slightest of taps from a rubber mallet. The left hand exhaust followed, exactly the same, followed finally by the centre pipe. A few light taps to ensure all was seated and then tighten up the various pinch bolts.


It all took no longer than one hour, the quality is outstanding, and I don't think that I have ever come across an exhaust system that is so easy to fit. Absolutely beautiful.


And the sound isn't so bad either. Well done Clive, a true credit to you"





 David Lord


"I can't begin to tell you what an honourable bloke Clive Scarfe is.


I bought a SS R3 manifold from him and what a beautiful piece of work it is.


I thought he'd appreciate a bit of feedback on the length of the centre port as it was longer than my old one. Before I knew it, he insisted I return it along with the old one so he could change it. He got the parcel Tuesday and the modified manifold arrived this morning (Friday).


What's more he bunged in a £20 note as compensation. Words fail me! It's so good to know that we have treasures like Clive in our community."




Rob Van Woerden


"I fitted the air box screws and they work a treat."




Eric Calderwood


"Fantastic! Really pleased with the T160 starter motor cover. A great piece of work and a perfect fit.


It has transformed the bike! Many thanks."





John Spall

TOMCC member


"Fitted one of your 3 into 2 exhausts to my Triumph T150 and found it to be excellent. I removed it after 2 years, cleaned and polished it, refitted it and it looked as good as new."





Leon Cooke

(New Zealand)


"Received the Rocket 3 Madigan starter motor cover today. Excellent fit and great finish. Thanks very much"





John Young

TR3OC member


"I fitted one of the luggage racks onto the T160 outfit that we took up to the Krystall Rally in 2014. The rack fitted perfectly and despite nearly two years of constant “abuse” by myself, still looks as good as new.  I prefer my bikes to be functional rather than good looking (if it has to be a choice of one or the other), but the luggage rack from Clive is both.  This is a product that I would recommend to any T150/T160 owner as a useful, functional and stylish addition to their bike."





Peter Ball

TR3OC member


"Something weird has happened. And not just once, but twice!


What is it?


Well, I've recently bought parts for my T160 that fitted without having to chop, file, drill, grind or hammer to fit. Both parts - wheel adjusters and a rack, came from Clive Scarfe Systems.


Please accept this, well deserved, pat on the back. Great products and service, and a thoroughly decent chap to boot!"





Ray Marchingo



"Just received the cover and may I say it is a pleasure to see a simple object so beautifully crafted that it will be a real talking point on my rebuilt Rocket 3 for a long, long time."





Mark Fleming


"My manifold arrived today in perfect condition.

The craftsmanship is superb and it fits perfectly."




Colin Davies

BSAOC member


"Firstly, I would like to say how much I appreciated the warm welcome, the hot cuppa and the cheese and tomato sarnies. Many thanks.


The journey home on my T150 was uneventful and finished off a cracking good day out. It only cost about £45 in petrol which is much better value than than the £10.50 postage I would have paid.


As expected, the poorly positioned holes in the grab rail I have on the bike has required me to do a bit of fettling to make the rack fit. If I had a properly made grab rail on the bike, the rack would have gone straight on. It is well made and well finished. The rack is solid and seems easily strong enough to carry just about anything I'm likely to put on it.


Look forward to seeing you at Jurby."




Jan Feldtmann



"I got your head lamp brackets. Perfect job! I am happy!"




Robert Bishop

(New Zealand)


"G'day Clive! Those tank strips arrived, mate. What stunning pieces of engineering craftsmanship. Thank you very much.


Yours in Triples."




Chris Rowland Hill


"Really pleased with the adjuster. Being able to easily raise the tickover when the engine’s cold and then reduce once warmed up just makes life just that little bit easier.






Keith Martin

Owner of K&N Classic Cars and Classic Triumph Motorcycle Restoration Enthusiast


"I have almost completed a full restoration of a Triumph Trident.


I recently contacted Clive to order one of his stainless steel tank straps. The strap arrived promptly and I was very impressed with the workmanship and finish, and feel it was very reasonably priced. It fitted with slight fettling and looks really good on the bike.


I am very, very pleased with the end product. Many thanks for a great job."

The Starter Motor Cover on DaveMadigan's Rocket 3


Dave Madigan

TR3OC Life member (USA)


"When I built the replacement starter for the triples I always thought a cover like the one made for the T160 would be a nice finishing touch but never had the time to make one. Now I do not have to as Clive has come up with a good looking cover that fits perfectly! It also is a safety item since fuel dripped on the unit when flooding the carbs can cause a fire when the starter is used (it has happened to one customer). So I recommend finishing off the starter installation with one of Clive's covers."