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Triumph T150, T160 & BSA UK Rocket 3 Mk2

Oil Cooler Brackets


• Made from highly polished stainless steel.

• Used original factory N.O.S. parts for measurements.


£28.00 per pair + P&P



Oil Cooler Bracket Corner Rubbers


It has been brought to our attention that there is a variation in the thickness of oil cooler bracket corner rubbers on the market, this in turn makes the simple task of fitting the brackets a problem. We have sourced and can now supply the correct length and thickness for the factory style bracket.


£6.90 per set of 8 + P&P



Triumph X75 Hurricane & BSA US Rocket 3 Mk1

Oil Cooler Brackets


• Made from highly polished stainless steel.

• Used original factory N.O.S. parts for measurements.

• Comes with rubber grommets fitted.


£38.00 per pair + P&P

Triumph T150 Cover for Alternator Leads


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• Part No. 70-8757


£39.50 each + P&P

Cush Drive Repair Kit


• Simple cost effective solution.

• As sold by Classic Triumph

• For Installation Video, click HERE.


£29.50 per set + P&P

Air Filter Boxes


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• To fit T150 and Rocket 3 Mk1 & Mk2.

• 2mm inner panel to stop distortion when fixing carburettor assembly unit.

• Designed for L.P.Williams filters (filter not included).


T150 - £96.00 + P&P

Rocket 3 Mk1 - £129.75 + P&P

Rocket 3 Mk2 - £104.00 + P&P


Rocket 3


Rocket 3


Air Filter Boxes - Bands


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• Half perforated band.

• Heavy duty 2mm Claw Clamps.

• Built to same measurements as original, so fits

...both T150 and Rocket 3 Mk2.

• Designed for L.P.Williams filters (filter not included).


£43.50 + P&P

Silencer Brackets for Rocket 3 Mk1 & Mk2


• As factory in mild steel.

• Powder coated in Black.


Mk1 - £34.50 per pair + P&P

Mk2 - £26.50 per pair + P&P

T160 Rear Chain Adjusters


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• All bolts and lock nuts supplied (stainless steel).

• As factory, allowing full adjustment of the rear chain.

• Must use your existing 83-5870.


£39.50 per pair + P&P

Dave Madigan starter motor covers for T150, T160

and Rocket 3 Mk1 & Mk2


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• T150 cover requires customer to fit carb float bowl without

...the drain plug.

• For T160 and Rocket 3 customers, the drain plug can remain.


T150: £55.00 + P&P

T160: £83.00 + P&P

Rocket 3 Mk1 & Mk2: £69.00 + P&P

Starter motor covers for T160

Fits original Lucas starter motor


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• Made to original design.


£69.50 + P&P

Luggage Rack to fit T150 & T160 front disc model


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• Both racks fit straight into existing holes on standard mudguard.

• 280mm wide x 200mm long.


£89.00 + P&P

Luggage Rack to fit Rocket 3 Mk2


• Highly polished stainless steel.

• Fits straight into existing holes on standard mudguard.

• 280mm wide x 200mm long.


£89.00 + P&P

T150 T Grab Rail


• 10 only limited edition

• Highly polished stainless steel

• To follow will be a stainless steel rack to fit above with no

...holes required.

• Will fit all standard T150T grab rails.


£75.00 + P&P

Late type Petrol Tank


















£108.00 + P&P

Early type Petrol Tank


















£128.00 + P&P

Triumph T150/T150V Late & Early Centre Straps


There are no replacements, new old stock or re-manufactures for the centre aluminium extrusion strip on the T150V European petrol tanks. To make a faithful reproduction of the original strap would have cost thousands of pounds and would not be cost effective so Clive Scarfe Systems has come up with a great alternative!


They are made from 0.7mm Stainless Steel and come complete

with rubber backing and all fixing screws.

Triumph T150 Tank Straps


These straps are made from highly polished stainless steel and are provided complete with rubber under mat and fixing screws.


Late type (A) with or without holes - £40.00 each + P&P

Early type (B) with or without holes - £48.00 each + P&P


Triumph T150/T150V Tank Straps in Matt Black


There are now 3 types of tank straps to choose from to fit the Bread bin petrol tank of the Triumph Trident T150/T150V.


The latest strap is made from 1mm aluminium, is powder coated matt black and comes complete with backing rubber & fixing screws.


Late type (A) - £75.00 each + P&P

Early type (B) - £95.00 each + P&P


Triple Rebuild DVD (+ free MP4 Download)


Classic Triumph ( and Clive Scarfe Systems have now made this item available to the UK & EU.


This DVD covers everything you could need to know in order to overhaul or rebuild your Triumph / BSA Triple engine and it's peripherals.


It clearly explains, in 'Layman's terms', how to set up your clutch for perfect action and lift, how to perfectly align your primary drive and how to balance the clutch and shock absorber units for minimum run-out.


There is also a chapter on fitting Classic Triumph's excellent T160 Triplex Primary Conversion, which can be invaluable when faced with the daunting task for the first time.


This is a 'must have' for both the new Triple owner and the seasoned one alike. It is a fantastic addition to your toolbox!


£28.50 + P&P


T160 Sprocket Conversion Kit


A collaboration between Clive Scarfe Systems and Classic Triumph ( has made these items now available to the UK and European markets.


The cost of this sprocket conversion is £224.50 plus post & packaging.


Due to high demand we are now offering the Triplex shock absorber sprocket and Triplex engine sprocket as a pair.


We understand that customers have brand loyalty and with so many primary chains available on the market, such as the 82 link 3/8" x 7/32" Triplex by Tsubaki, Regina, etc., Clive Scarfe Systems has decided not to include one in the kit. Customers are required to source their own primary chain.


Fitting Service

Clive Blake, who has worked on Triples for many years, will be offering a service for fitting this kit and any other work you may wish to have carried out on your bike, at Clive Blake's own workshop on the Kent/East Sussex borders.


Beware of copies

It has come to our attention that copies of our Triplex shock absorber sprocket are appearing, please be aware that our sprocket has undergone rigorous testing for many miles on numerous T160s worldwide and it has been manufactured to the exacting standards you can expect from

Triumph T150, T150V, Rocket 3 Mk 1 & Mk2, and Hurricane

Centre Carburettor Tickler Kit


The problem of tickling the centre carb on the T150/T150V, Rocket 3 MK1, Rocket 3 MK2 and the Triumph Hurricane has finally be solved! Our kit takes minutes to fit with no holes to drill and is made from stainless steel.


The operating arm is the same as the T160 part no: 71-4360 & can be sold separately for those wanting an upgrade.


£69.50 per kit + P&P

£19.50 for tickler arm only (71-4360) + P&P


We have been made aware that a lot of owners did not realise that in order to to use a centre tickler conversion you need to have the extended tickler fitted to the centre carburettor (see photo above). We are now able to offer the extended tickler kit.


£3.95 + P&P


Triumph Trident & Rocket 3 Hinged Piston Ring Clamps


These have been unavailable for many years but are a must have addition to any Triple owner's tool kit. They are faithful reproductions of the originals.


£45.00 per set of three + P&P


Triumph Fork Headlight Shrouds for T160 & T150V


Faithful reproductions of the originals in highly polished stainless steel.

In our opinion, far superior to the original chromed items!



£44.50 each + P&P


Plain Shrouds


 £35.00 each + P&P


Triumph Headlight Brackets for T160, T140 & T150V


Highly polished stainless steel faithful reproductions of the originals.



L/H 97-5056  £39.50 + P&P

R/H 97-5057  £39.50 + P&P


T140 / T150V


L/H 97-4417  £45.50 + P&P

R/H 97-4203  £41.00 + P&P


Triumph T160 Idle Extension


A much needed extension to the idle screw designed and made by a partnership between 3D Motorcycles and Clive Scarfe Systems. It enables the adjustment of the tick over without burning your hands or needing a spanner. It takes just minutes to fit with no modifications.


£88.00 + P&P



£38.00 per pair + P&P



£38.00 per pair + P&P

Air Filter Box Adapter Screws for T150 & T160


Made from highly polished stainless steel to fit T150 & T160, these easy to access screws

hold the air filter boxes helping anyone wishing to avoid this usually awkward job.

Indicator Arms for T150 & T160


Made from highly polished Stainless Steel and supplied complete with all fixing nuts, washers, etc.




Front - £33.50 per pair + P&P

Rear - £28.50 per pair + P&P




Front - £36.50 per pair + P&P

Rear - £28.50 per pair + P&P



Welcome to Clive Scarfe Systems


I’ve been designing and fabricating stainless steel Triumph T150 and T160

items over many years from my modest home setup in the East of England.

They have shipped all over the world as far as the USA and Australia.


All items are my own design and are well tried and tested.


Please feel free to contact me, using the details at the top of the page for

any enquiries and / or to place an order.